Vie Facile Holiday

A rural gite and music studios for holidays in the heart of the Lithaire countryside, France

Studio Equipment

Good value music facilities to use during your stay in the gite.

Ideal for musicians/artists/song writers and  their partners family's in this historic region of Normandy France.

Industry Standard Equipment suitable for Recording, our equipment range from drum kit, guitars, and full recording equipment, in a state of the art studio with a fully qualified recording engineer. See  more photographs of our equipment and also some of our recent clients in our gallery below right.

See some of our clients and listen to the music

  Our clients  

Vie Facile Music Studios state of the art recording in Normandy

Vie Facile Music Studios

Gallery of Studio Equipment and some of our clients

Here are some photographs of our studio and the equipment, plus photographs of our clients. Please click on any image to see a larger picture.

Contact Vie Facile Music

Telephone: 0033 (0) 233 468835

Mobile: 0788144908

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Vie Facile Holiday Gite and Music Studios

24, route de Carentan |  Le Fry 50250 | Lithaire | Normandy | France
Telephone: France 0033 (0)2 33 46 88 35  | Mobile: 07 88 14 49 08